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Here you can discover the transformative power of compassionate, unbiased support and embark on a journey of self-discovery with a dedicated mental health therapist in your corner. At Taylored Therapy Solutions, we are committed to providing a safe space where you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and experiences in a judgment-free zone.

In a world that can oftentimes feel overwhelming, Shardé Taylor believes that everyone deserves to be heard and understood. Shardé brings years of experience and expertise, guiding individuals like yourself towards mental well-being and personal fulfillment.

Whether you're struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships or simply seeking personal growth, Shardé offers a variety of evidence-based approaches taylored to your unique needs. Through a collaborative and non-judgmental therapeutic relationship, Shardé aims to empower you to make positive changes that you can be proud of and cultivate resilience that will see you through difficult transitions.

Together, let's embark on a path of healing, self-compassion, and growth. Begin your transformative journey today by exploring our resources, scheduling a session, or reaching out via our contact form for a free 15-minute consultation. You don't have to face life's challenges alone - support is just a click away.

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My Methods

Exposure & Response Prevention

In ERP therapy, we focus on decreasing anxiety-driven avoidance behaviors and increasing tolerance in a structured and safe way.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In cognitive behavioral therapy, the focus is on how your thoughts and emotions influence your behaviors.


In psychoanalysis, we focus on changing problematic behaviors by understanding the unconscious meanings and motivations behind them.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

In ACT, the main focus is on accepting things you cannot change and committing to a positive course of action moving forward.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps you to learn about yourself so that you may be able to improve the quality of your life. We work through behavioral, communicational, thought and relational patterns. Ages 13 and up.

$ 150 per session

Some insurances accepted

Couples Counseling

Relationship therapy helps people to effectively communicate their feelings and needs to each other in a safe, supportive space, and to take action steps toward a specific goal.

$ 175 per session

Some insurances accepted

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about starting therapy, feel free to reach out! Free 15-minute phone consultation upon request.

Healthy Coping Strategies

Choose from some activities below to help you begin building your own personalized list of healthy coping skills.

  • 4x4 breathing

  • 4:7:8 breathing

  • Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Journaling

  • Drawing

  • Coloring page

  • Go for a walk

  • Play outside (yes, adults too)

  • Opposite to emotion music

  • Grounding exercises

  • Guided meditation

  • Yoga

  • Compassionate body scan

  • Stretching session
  • Urge surfing/urge postponement

  • 20-30 min of approved exercise

  • Opposite action

  • Counting exercises

  • Daily intention setting

  • Create a simple schedule

  • Positive affirmations

  • Phone a friend

  • Participate in a hobby

  • Change your environment/location

  • Visit new part of your city and mindfully explore

  • Prayer/scripture meditation